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Our approach to dog training follows the most up to date, scientifically proven training methods to give your dog the confidence to make correct and positive choices in their day to day life. We use only positive reinforcement training and will never use punitive or aversive training techniques. For new dog or puppy owners, we can help you set the foundations for a enviable relationship with your dog. For owners of more challenging dogs, we understand how behavioural problems can begin to create cracks in the relationship that you have with your dog and strive to rebuild that love and trust which may have crumbled slightly.


Our consultations will last between one and two hours and will include an email summary of the visit as well as a follow up telephone call.


Our Services include:

1-2-1 Dog and puppy training:

For all dogs in the comfort of your own home and local park

Naughty but Nice dog training:

For dogs that may be reactive, fearful, over excited, or just refuse to come when called we show you how and why these behaviours occur and the simple steps you can take to turn them around.

Veterinary Desensitisation:

Trips to the vets can be a very frightening experience for dogs, often when they are already unwell and in a state of anxiety. We will work with your dog to take the fear out of veterinary procedures through the use of counter-conditioning and desensitisation. Common problems include fear of nail clips, grooming, injections, wearing muzzles and the veterinary examination.

Pre-purchase and Pre-rescue consultations:

We can offer these consultations via telephone, Skype or in the home. They are intended for anyone who may be considering getting a puppy or rescue dog and we can discuss all the considerations you may need to make before introducing the new member of your family. We can also give you the support to ensure that your new addition is suitable to your lifestyle and home environment, and how to introduce a new pet to any existing pets in the home.

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