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In-house CPD​

We offer a range of lectures for your team which can benefit from and use as part of their CPD budget. We are happy to arrange a lecture based on the needs of your team, and can offer CPD on the following topics:

  • Quick and simple tips for reducing fear and anxiety in practice
  • Recognising of the subtle signs of fear and anxiety
  • Low stress handling methods for dogs
  • Low stress handling methods for cats
  • Desensitisation and counter-conditioning in veterinary practice
  • How the learning process can change pets from subtly fearful to overtly aggressive

1-2-1 Training​

  • A hands-on, one hour session with a member of your team
  • This 1-2-1 session can also be provided as a home visit for individual members of the veterinary team that want to develop their low stress skills
  • Skype or Telephone tutorials We are an Edinburgh based company, but are happy to provide telephone or skype consultations with an individual, or even the whole team if you have the facilities.
  • All in house CPD lectures can be provided by Skype, although the power point presentations may not be available

Stress Audits​​

From a single day session to a week long audit, these visits are No Stress Pet Solutions’ gold standard bespoke training which will include:

  • 1-2-1 handling training with every member of the team
  • Analysis of where stress and anxiety are triggered in your practice alongside practical solutions for change
  • Handling analysis: we can film interactions with patients to help you identify where you can improve in your own techniques
  • Your choice of lectures from our available CPD topics
  • Follow up review or contact days


Pricing will depend on the service provided and the location of your practice, please call or email for a quote.

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